Friday, January 25, 2013

SEO- Search Engine Optimization

If you are a frequent internet visitor, then you might have come across this word. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the technique, which can effectively increase the visibility of your website to various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Etc.

The income source of many websites is through the ads which are displayed on their website. These ads in turn generate revenue to the website owner. you might be thinking that how ads on a website can generate the income? well, if the person is using the third party ad like Google adsense, then the google will pay the website owner for the number of persons viewing the ads as well as if a person clicks on the ad. These things in technical terms are known as PPM and PPC. PPM is the Page views per Million and PPC is pay per click. Both are considered to be the main source for income through adsense.

Now, you might have the question that what is PPC and PPM? OK, PPC means that the website owner will be paid some fixed amount if the ads displayed on his website is seen by the traffic/persons visiting his/her website. In the similar way, PPC means that the owner of the website will be get paid if the person visiting to his website clicks on the particular ad. The amount varies for different ads. PPC generates the more revenue than the PPM.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How to make trial version of any software work:

Trial version of any software works on the system date and time, if you have installed any application for 30 days it note down the time and date of the installation. After the installation, when the trial period ends, the software or application becomes inactive. This application will not change the date and time of your system but only sets the time of the application/software that you want. You can use this application with any number of software having different date and time. Your system date and time will be same. 

How to use this software:
1. Go to the link

2. Download the software and extract from win zip/rar file
3. click on the browse button and select the application to run from c:\>program files.
4. select date and time when it was working correctly or set the time before the expiration of the trial period.
5. Enjoy using the software.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Few GOOGLE TRICKS that you will love to try!

1. Type "do a barrel roll" on Google search and you will see the pages of the Google rolling before you have finished the typing.

2. Type "the answer to life the universe and everything" you will see a calculator of the Google which will show 42. You can get the idea what this number is about when you will read the Guide to the Galaxy by Hitchhiker.

3. Type "Google gravity" in the search box and hit I m feeling lucky, you will see Google falling down.

4. When you will type the word "recursion" in the Google, it will show the message "Did u mean recursion?", which is strange.

5. Kerning- when you will search for this keyword, you will find that GOOGLE will display the result with space in each letter of kerning, this is because kerning means spacing between the letters of any word.

6. If you type anagram in Google then, it will rearrange the words to "nag a ram ", just to let you know that you are searching for the same.

7. Google wont give you any result for chuck norris. If you type chuck norris in Google then you will not find a single result.

8.Type "zerg rush" an you will find that all o's of the Google will start to delete all the search results that are displayed.

Increase the capacity of RAM using Flash Drive

If you are having an old computer with a very less RAM capacity then this post is just for you. Now, you can use your flash drive (pen drive) to increase the capacity of your RAM. Random Access Memory or RAM is the main memory of your computer and it is a temporary memory. For running many programs on your PC, you need to have good capacity RAM for ex- Games. If your RAM memory is good then your programs will run faster and you can enjoy better computing experience.
Follwing are the steps to setup your flash drive as RAM:

For windows XP:
1. Insert flash drive and right click on My Computer icon.
2. go to properties -> Advance -> click change where it shows Virtual Memory
3. Select Flash Drive and then click on custom size
4. Set the size of the flash drive (same or less than the size of your flash memory)
5. Click on OK and Apply changes
7. Restart your computer and You are Done!!!

For window 7 or Vista:

1. Insert Flash drive on your computer

2. Right click on the flash drive and go to properties
3. Go to ReadyBoost
4. Select Use this device and then allocate the memory for use( approximate 80 percent of the total memory size of your flash drive)

5. Click on OK and Apply all Settings
6. Restart your computer

Thursday, October 4, 2012

I am back on my blog

I was not able to update my blog for some day. Now, I am back again  with some more tips and tricks on Hacking, computer tricks, windows tricks and some other interesting materials related to computers. I hope you will enjoy learning new things.
Vikash Kumar Singh